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A hotel in Diego Suarez, Madagascar, that brings together all the advantages.

We discovered an excellent hotel in the North of Madagascar, ideally located just 200 meters from the beautiful Ramena Beach and 20 minutes from Diego-Suarez. The Lakana Hotel, a leading establishment in Diego-Suarez, offers a furnished beach with sun loungers where you'll feel almost alone in the world. You can also enjoy a charming pool in a friendly relaxation area, complete with a small bar where you can savor refreshments while relaxing on lounge chairs around the pool.

The staff at the Diego-Suarez Lakana Hotel is very welcoming and always ready to make your stay enjoyable. We particularly enjoyed the peace and friendliness of the place. Moreover, we had the chance to taste excellent cuisine with balanced and subtle flavors. A big congratulations to the chefs, especially for the homemade desserts. The Diego-Suarez Lakana Hotel thus combines a privileged location, exceptional service, and refined cuisine for a memorable experience in Madagascar.

Hotel diego suarez madagascar with pool
Hotel in Diego Suarez Madagascar


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