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kitesurf windsurf hotel Lakana Madagasca

Activities at the Lakana Diego Suarez hotel as well as our Wingfoil and Windsurf Madagascar kitesurf club

We offer all excursions in the region around Diego Suarez at attractive rates. You can discover the emerald sea, the 3 bays, the French mountain, the Amber mountain, the sacred lake, the red Tsingy, Courrier bay, Windsor Castle and many other wonders of our magnificent island of Madagascar.

For enthusiasts, take advantage of our nautical club offering activities such as kitesurfing, windsurfing, paddle and wingfoil in Sakalava Bay. Transfers are free for courses and rentals.

Our diving center in Ramena is the ideal place for scuba diving enthusiasts. We offer a full range of diving services to suit all experience levels, from beginners to experienced divers.
VCome discover the underwater wonders of Ramena with our professional diving center. We look forward to sharing our passion for diving with you.

With DS MOTO, we offer motorcycle rental services in Diego Suarez to allow you to discover the region independently and in complete freedom. Whether you want to explore the city, visit the sights or go on an adventure in the surrounding area, our motorcycles are at your disposal.

When renting, we will provide you with the necessary equipment such as helmets and locks. We will also give you information on recommended routes and interesting places to visit in the area.
Enjoy freedom and adventure by renting a motorbike in Diego Suarez. Contact us to find out the rates and rental conditions.

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